Partnership with Karnataka Growers Federation

CSM launches partnership with Karnataka Growers Federation to build climate resilience and sustainability in Indian coffee production

On 8th September 2011 CSM signed a memorandum of understanding with Karnataka Growers Federation, you can see the signing of the MOU below – CSM’s Viva Kermani shakes hands with Dr Pradeep the president of Karnataka Growers Federation.

CSM and KGF MOU signing

This partnership brings together the complementary strengths of two organizations to build a coherent and strategic programme that will begin to show significant positive impact on the coffee sector, government policy and consumer behaviour.  CSM brings experience of climate change research, education, policy dialogue, mobilization and advocacy on Indian and international stages and KGF brings sectoral expertise, depth of knowledge, local political understanding and a vibrant, highly-motivated producer membership base.

The partnership will approach issues through a number of channels including undertaking research, establishing a worldwide forum on shade grown coffee to share best practice, strategies and collective power, influencing policy at state and national levels, and popularising sustainable coffee consumption through education and events.

Check back here for more news on the partnership in the mean time take a look at the press release for the signing of the MOU.