Legal framework, governance, funding

CSM is constituted as a Non Profit and is incorporated under Section 25 of the Companies Act. The FCRA of CSM was renewed under registration number 147120806 for a period of five years with effect from 01-11-2016.

CSM raises its funds through programmes, advisory services and publications. CSM abides by all Income Tax and Foreign Currency Laws and regulations as applicable to it.

Quarterly reports of our FCRA:

Year 2017-18 Quarter 4

Year 2017-18 Quarter 3

Year 2017-18 Quarter 2

Year 2017-18 Quarter 1

Year 2016-17 Quarter 4

Year 2016-17 Quarter 3

Year 2016-17 Quarter 2

Year 2016-17 Quarter 1

Year 2015-16 Quarter 4

Year 2015-16 Quarter 3

For more information on CSM’s financials, write to <viva[at]csmworld[dot]org>