Climate Change

ICP_climate_change_page_newpic5We lead India’s public engagement on climate change. We mobilise business and industry, urban administration, NGOs and researchers on the need for an inclusive agenda on climate change.

 The India Climate Portal

The India Climate Portal is one of  CSM’s several public service initiatives that  promotes critical thinking about and fresh analysis of climate change and its impacts on India.


Discussion Papers

The Climate Change Discussion Paper series was launched by CSM in 2007-08 to provide a platform for fresh and challenging thinking on a range of issues connected to climate change in India. The objective is to deepen and broaden understanding of this vital subject in India through easily  accessible and informative pamphlets. In turn, it is hoped this will contribute to a better-informed public debate and more progressive policy outcomes on climate change for India, her people,and neighbourhood.

So far the following 3 papers have been published by CSM:

  1. Disaster Management and Climate Change – Indian policy frameworks .Dhar Chakroborti January 2011
  2. India: Renewable Energy trends. Alexis Ringwald. July 2009
  3. Climate change – Why India needs to take leadership. Malini Mehra. August 2007

DISASTER MANAGEMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE -India’s risk management  policy frameworks and key challenges

January 2011

Published as part of the Swiss Re-CSM initiative on Strategic Country Risk Management: focus on climate change and disaster management
Author: P G Dhar Chakrabarti
Editor: Malini Mehra
Publisher: Centre for Social Markets (India)



Climate Change – Why India needs to take leadership

August 2007

To mark the 60th anniversary of India’s Independence, the Centre for Social Markets (CSM) publishes a powerful new discussion paper calling for enlightened leadership on the greatest challenge of our times – climate change.


Audio visuals

CSM produces films and audiovisual materials to reach a mass audience. Efforts are underway to translate many of these in Indian languages.
In Good Company  50-minute documentary profiling Indian business leadership on climate change. The documentary was launched at   World Business Summit on Climate Change (24-26 May 2009, Copenhagen)

Climate Talks – Dialogues with leading personalities: Series of interviews with personalities ranging from Danish Minister for Climate and Energy to CEOs of leading Indian companies, solar entrepreneurs, scientists and others.

City Dialogues on climate change – Cities are the cradles of civilisation. How will they fare as the impact of climate change hits us? Broadcasts of CSM’s city dialogues held across India with a multi-stakeholder panel and audience engagement are available on DVD. Originally broadcast on India’s national TV station, Doordarshan, in partnership with Lok Sabha TV, City Dialogue in six cities: Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Cochin and Bangalore are available. For details contact:

Climate Conversations – Short summaries of climate change events focussing on issues ranging from transportation and urbanisation to extreme weather events.


Dalian 2011  –Charting a low – carbon route to grown – World Economic Forum – 14 September, 2011

As major economies shift to a low carbon model , what are the implications for  business globally ?

CSM’s Malini Mehfra joins the discussion at Dalian

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has convened a Summit on Climate Change   – September 22nd, 2009.

Statement by Malini Mehra, Centre for Social Markets (CSM)


Global Humanitarian Forum, Geneva – Impacts of Climate Change  on poor women – June 24,2009

Climate change affects women more severly than men –  but are they victims or agents of climate change ? Malini Mehra joins discussion organised by the the Global Humanitarian Forum