In 2007, CSM initiated a climate change work programme to respond to the lack of awareness and leadership on this issue in India.  The subject was not new to CSM. In 2001, we were the first organisation in the country to hold a carbon neutral event. While offsets are now controversial, for CSM it was an important way of highlighting an issue in a country where little public awareness existed. CSM’s annual corporate citizenship conferences were subsequently carbon neutral, in partnership with Future Forests, with offsets in India itself.

Our view is that solving the climate crisis will require not just a transformation in our economies, but in our politics and our mindsets. India has a key role to play – not as a victim, but as a leader on this agenda with much at stake. At CSM we work to forge leadership, promote solutions, and drive the transition to sustainability and human rights in the climate age.
Since 2007, CSM has led India’s foremost public engagement initiative on climate change, Climate Chall