Audio visuals

CSM produces films and audiovisual materials to reach a mass audience. Efforts are underway to translate many of these in Indian languages.
In Good Company  50-minute documentary profiling Indian business leadership on climate change. To be launched at the World Business Summit on Climate Change (24-26 May 2009, Copenhagen)

Climate Talks – Dialogues with leading personalities: Series of interviews with personalities ranging from Danish Minister for Climate and Energy to CEOs of leading Indian companies, solar entrepreneurs, scientists and others.
The podcasts will be up soon.

City Dialogues on climate change – Cities are the cradles of civilisation. How will they fare as the impact of climate change hits us? Broadcasts of CSM’s city dialogues held across India with a multi-stakeholder panel and audience engagement are available on DVD. Originally broadcast on India’s national TV station, Doordarshan, in partnership with Lok Sabha TV, City Dialogue in six cities: Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Cochin and Bangalore are available. For details contact:

Climate Conversations – Short summaries of climate change events focussing on issues ranging from transportation and urbanisation to extreme weather events.

Climate change – India on the frontlines: Documentary looking at climate impacts and solutions in India. (Under production)

Climate Shakti – India’s women lead the way: Documentary profiling the efforts of Indian women to provide solutions to climate change. (Under production)